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Decorative Butterfly Pillow… Gossamer-Winged Vintage Style Collectible


Decorative Butterfly Pillow… Gossamer-Winged Family Vintage Style Collectible
Let Love soar! … by Postcards from the Wing

Enchanted Butterflies take flight through inspired original art and hand-lettered prose in this lovely decorative pillow.

Part of a collection, the Gossamer-Winged Family Butterfly pillow featured here features artwork from the enchanted Postcards from the Wing series (postcards sold separately). A thoughtful gift to celebrate a milestone or share simply to inspire or honor someone you love.

Sweet Wings… lovely & gifting, purchase of these items give wings to charitable dreams, as they were created to both inspire wellness and raise funds for the building butterfly gardens in our communities.

Tenderly Planted Seeds Sprout LOVE… A percentage of the proceeds from this sale supports CrossBreeze Charities. Thank you for Helping us to Soar!


*Butterfly pillows are Vintage Style Reproductions Shabby Chic
*Original Paintings by Illustrator & Naturalist Maryjo Koch
*Educative, inspired by nature, romantic victorian design
*Printed on front & back, made with Durable 100% polyester
*No Zippers- spot clean or dry clean only
*Purchase is for one (printed on front & back) 14″ x 14″ pillow

*Other Families of Butterflies Pillows shown are sold separately, unless noted in product description
*CrossBreeze Charities round logo & postcard front/back pictured are not for sale (pictured only as informational logos)



Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 8 cm