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Quotes on Spirituality

—On a Breath of Grace—

In the fullness of time every moment falls into the arms of God  ~K. D’Angelo


Faith is hope given to God for safe keeping  ~K. D’Angelo

Soar like an Angel, spread your wings and LOVE ~K. D’Angelo

Butterflies are God’s confetti, thrown upon the Earth in celebration of His love ~K. D’Angelo


Share Love’s song, sing it up to the skies, watch Angels dance as Heaven sighs ~K. D’Angelo


Like the lovely flowering tree, let the beauty of Grace adorn thee ~K. D’Angelo


With great vision, near are the stars, forever lives in never and heaven is where you are ~ K. D’Angelo


Faith is hope given to God for safe keeping ~K. D’Angelo


Love is real. Charity lives there ~K. D’Angelo


Soar like an angel, spread your wings and Love ~K. D’Angelo


Dance in dabs and strokes of every hue, move gracefully upon the canvas God’s created for you ~ K. D’Angelo


In the fullness of time every moment falls into the arms of God ~K. D’Angelo


Follow a thought traveling your mind, only if it has first journeyed your soul ~K. D’Angelo


Grace keeps you always, believing otherwise is as a bud fearing to flower, hoping to sway the sun ~K. D’Angelo


One cannot walk the path while trying to lay it, leave that to the Master Mason, the only One who can pave our way home ~K. D’Angelo

“Share Love’s Song, sing it up to the skies”

Watch Angels dance as Heaven sighs… 

~Kristen D’Angelo



Golden flames ignite the compass of my heart, set alight these wings, fly me home ~K. D’Angelo


Mutiny with God, jump off material vessels and into the sea of His great Love ~K. D’Angelo


When infinite are the Creator’s hues, to paint black & white is to paint to few! ~K. D’Angelo

As to the suns rays, mists surrender… Let your fears be dispersed by the great wisdom and strength that you are.. Trust in change, the divine flow of the universe, where all things move in Creation’s perfect Love.. K. D’Angelo


My heart longs to waltz with Creation, to step in time with Love, for when Grace asks to “have this dance”, pray we soar with the holy dove ~K. D’Angelo


Look to the heavens and you will see, that darkness never falls, creation connects all, as Love expands eternally ~K. D’Angelo


I am moved to peace every time I allow myself to be carried on the wings of Her sweet Grace
~K. D’Angelo


The orchestra of my body hymns a divine symphony when conducted by Love
~K. D’Angelo


Only in stillness can God’s grace clearly reflect upon me ~K. D’Angelo


As to the suns rays, mists surrender… Let your fears be dispersed by the great wisdom and strength that you are … Trust in change, the divine flow of the universe, where all things move in perfect Love ~K. D’Angelo


Look to the heavens, the stars & moon, for Creation’s calendar is far more exquisite than any of mans. From it all creation is born of love and blessed with life eternal ~K. D’Angelo

It is best if someone wanders into the Garden on their own, drawn by fragrant flower, song of bird and brook… Sits a while, Breathes and upon departing Beauty, longs to return again and again to Grace … ~K. D’Angelo


Creation sprinkles seeds of divined courage and wisdom, flourishes them with Grace…twine into a joyous bloom of Love ~K. D’Angelo


May you feel sweet Love in rhythm of the heart, let it dance in your mind and waltz the Soul today … ~K. D’Angelo


Near are the stars, never is lost in forever & heaven resides in the endeavor of Love ~K. D’Angelo


Sometimes Angels sing to you in the wind… all you have to do is be still and listen ~K. D’Angelo


Never stop dreaming, Creation is listening … ~K. D’Angelo

Little by little, through the experiences of time, Grace teaches my heart, Her university, Life ~K. D’Angelo


Be an instrument of peace in the great orchestra of Love ~K. D’Angelo


Angel’s wings soar upon the winds of Grace ~K. D’Angelo 


As an infinite tapestry, in the mirrored halls of our minds, Creation hangs the universe with Her divined galaxies and bright stars ~K. D’Angelo


Flake or floe, we are a single piece of ice, floating or fighting with the Sun, sailing or struggling to exist, upon an eternal sea of Love ~K. D’Angelo


May the world discover the heart of Creation and see Love shine out from each and every Soul ~K. D’Angelo 


May you feel sweet Love overflow your heart, dance in your mind and move your soul today ~K. D’Angelo


May my life be an echo of love in the ballad of time ~K. D’Angelo


There is something wonderful about feeling God’s presence in your life. There is peace in knowing that he is working with you in your endeavors to fully realize his grace in all creation, including yourself! I consider my life to be such a gift and I am constantly in awe of the harmony and splendor which surround me  ~K. D’Angelo


I find myself humbled by the universe in which we reside; a space of indescribable beauty which God has designed just for us, so that we may come to know his treasures within ~K. D’Angelo


May the still peace of winter hold you, until the joys of Spring blossom forth from your Soul ~K. D’Angelo

Tis’ my humble salvation, to be a glimmer of His thought, a wisp of His creative expression, borne of His Love  ~K. D’Angelo

Search outward and you will find souls of every kind
Look inward and you will know an intricate whole
Where judgement ceases to exist
Space and time are missed
Love is all there can be
In God’s infinite and eternal sea
~K. D’Angelo

For now we see in a mirror, dimly, but then, face to face; now I know in part, but then I will know fully, just as I also have been fully known.”  (1 Corinthians 13:12) 

God created all and therefore is in everything including yourself. This is the truth that always was and always will be forever. We have just forgotten. In time we will remember and begin to see our true reflections as God’s pure Love. Only then we will know the joy and peace of his blissful kingdom, the beautiful creation of Love, extending outward from within ourselves for all eternity. ~K. D’Angelo





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