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Dandelion Wishes

—On a Breath of Grace—

On a breath of Grace be a wish, float as dandelion’s dream kiss ~ K. D’Angelo

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A million words written to inspire us to a single act which require none ~LOVE …
Original quotes and musings on living, spirituality and butterflies.

On Wellness

Current flutterings on Wellness... CrossBreeze Charities improves the quality of life by connecting communities with nature, offering life coaching services and supporting wellness programs.

Blooming Lives

Stories of Blooming Lives from the CrossBreeze…
Inspire healing and transformational changes for happier individuals or families, CrossBreeze helps to lives to bloom.

In garden of hearts live
Forever fluttering give

Join the kaleidoscope of wings
Through which heaven springs

Waltz with joyful skies
Dance as heaven sighs

 On a breath of Grace be a wish
Float as dandelion’s dream kiss

~ Kristen D’Angelo

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—On a Breath of Grace—