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—On a Breath of Grace—

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time
~ Thomas Merton

James Browne

Fantasy Artist... 
Taking reality and fantasy and molding them together, James Browne is able to create a world of its own, where imagination soars.

Maryjo Koch

Naturalist Painter & Illustrator… 
Combining authority and enchantment, Maryjo Koch is widely regarded among the world’s most accomplished naturalist painters. 

Kristen D'Angelo

Butterfly Dreamer …
Keeping her spirit open to the place where she dances with butterflies, Kristen D’Angelo creates to inspire others to this magical place of winged joy.

Maryjo Koch

—Naturalist & Illustrator—

MaryJo Koch

Working from her studio in Northern California’s Santa Cruz Mountains, Maryjo Koch is widely regarded among the world’s most accomplished naturalist painters. Largely self-taught, Maryjo began her career doing renderings as an environmental designer, but soon returned to her childhood fascination with the world of nature.


Maryjo is an artist whose work combines authority and enchantment, and her paintings and private commissions are featured in galleries and museums from North America to Asia. She has illustrated 18 books that are treasured and collected by people all around the world.

Maryjo began teaching nature painting at both the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco and at Monterey’s renowned Monterey Bay Aquarium. She now conducts workshops at her studio in Santa Cruz CA.

James Browne

—Fantasy Artist & Illustrator—

James Browne

James Browne, has been creating images that catch the eye and touch the heart of viewers of all ages. Taking reality and fantasy and molding them together, he is able to create a world of its own, where imagination soars.

Primarily an Illustrator, James currently has several children’s book projects underway, as well as a number of varied commissions. Previous commissions have included collectable plate designs, children and “family tree” portraitures, architectural / landscape illustrations, and, of course, numerous works within his specialty of children’s storybook and fantasy illustration.

His works continue to be displayed and sold throughout the East Coast. He maintains his studio and residence, with his inspirational wife, Nadine, in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania.

I have a lifetime to paint, with a subject matter that is endless, with one goal in mind, and that is, to keep the child in all of us. ” -J.B.

Kristen D'Angelo

—Writer & Artist—

Kristen D’Angelo

Our Shoppe features Original Artwork in the forms of Writing, Painting, Music and Photography created and produced by Kristen D’Angelo exclusively for CrossBreeze Charities.

Kristen D’Angelo is a dreamer who has been blessed to ride upon wing. As a young girl, Kristen treasured butterflies, because they provided a space for her imagination, a field for her dreams.

Life blossomed forth and even though she grew to be an adult, she always kept her spirit open to the place where she danced with butterflies. With a grateful heart, Kristen now creates to inspire others to this magical place of winged joy.

Kristen is a social worker, freelance writer, photographer & artist residing in California with her loving family & children.


Goodnight Suzie

—Singer & Songwriter—

Suzie and Ben Bradford

Goodnight Suzie is an indie/pop band featuring wife and husband team Suzie and Ben Bradford. The singer/songwriters came out of the popular Seattle cover band “The Side Project” which recorded 6 albums and performed all over the NW since 2004. They’ve also had music featured on shows such as “Dancing With The Stars” and “So You Think You Can Dance” as well as songs broadcast in Starbucks locations across the U.S.

Goodnight Suzie’s debut original album “Boombox” Boombox, (released 2019) had a rave review in Music Connection Magazine and brings you up-tempo, hand clapping, singalong pop tunes mixed with captivating emotional ballads. For several months after the release, the new songs received radio play at major radio stations nationwide.

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—On a Breath of Grace—