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Therapeutic Butterfly Garden Grant

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CrossBreeze Grant Program Criteria

Each year, one therapeutic garden is selected as recipients of a grant that will help build or perpetuate a therapeutic garden. Gardens chosen must meet these criteria for therapeutic goals/qualities:

Have a defined program using the garden to further explicit goals for participants led by a qualified leader. Examples include horticultural therapy, physical or rehabilitation therapy in a garden setting or using gardening to promote positive social relationships within a community.

Offer a nature experience/interface for population served, including, but not limited to, church groups, at risk children or (TAY) young adults, the elderly and/or those recuperating or suffering from illnesses, specific injuries or addictions.

Involve a population of regular gardeners, clients, patients or visitors on a monthly basis.

Who Is Eligible to Apply?

Hospitals, churches, addiction recovery, skilled nursing and youth group home (including TAY) facilities in Orange County, California are eligible to apply. Applicants must have the plot of land in their possession at the time of application with at least a five-year commitment for a garden to be on that property.


$1,000 is available and will be awarded to the garden chosen


Application must be received by the deadline of June 30th 2023  to be considered for a grant award for the corresponding calendar year.
Application must be downloaded and completed in full, with all required information & attachments to be considered for a grant award.

CrossBreeze Charities reserves the right to suspend or cancel the Therapeutic Butterfly Grant Program at any given time.

CrossBreeze Charities Therapeutic Butterfly Garden Grant

~Applications for 2023 ~

Applications for 2022 will be accepted January 1, 2023  through June 30, 2023
Winning applicant will be notified via email by September 30, 2023
Grant Awarded by Nov 1st 2023

Tenderly Planted Seeds Sprout Love
We are looking forward to blooming, however, due to the small size of our team,
we do not notify applicants who have not been selected to receive a grant.



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