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Winged Inspirations … Butterfly Garden connects people with nature 

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—From the Breeze—

I absolutely LOVE my sessions with Kristen!  We tackle the difficult stuff, but Kristen’s manner is always compassionate.  She is attentive, resolute and her ability to get to the root of the issue is remarkable. She is open, honest, incredibly intuitive and one of the kindest people I know. I ALWAYS finish my sessions with her feeling empowered and with a new sense of purpose and direction.

Nancy W.

“If you build it (a butterfly garden), they will come,” and the butterflies did! We would like to thank CrossBreeze for providing the grant, time and volunteers to make our beautitul theraputic butterfly garden a reality. Without you, this would not be happening. A big thank you to Kristen & Vickie and all of the volunteers who give their time!

Linka K.

Thank you for the support you provided to my mom. I am convinced that the superior medical attention she recieved from you and your team improved her quality of life. The compassion and care was remarkable. Jessica gave us guidance, was sympathetic and made herself available for any questions or concerns. I am truly grateful for all that you and your team did on behalf of my mom and I. Thank You!

I Rodriquez

I went to Kristen at CrossBreeze charities to help me find meaning and purpose in my life. I realized that I needed help in finding my spiritual health. Kristen’s insights and guidance helped me to find my true self as a spiritual person. I cannot say enough about her caring compassion and understanding and non-judgmental guidance that help me find my way in a very difficult time in my life to a much better place where I experience joy happiness and peace on a scale that I could not imagine when I was in the darkness of despair. Thank you Kristen for being there for me.Thank you CrossBreeze for all that you’ve done for me.

Luke M. J.

Spiritual direction with a little bit of grace. Kristen has a way of seeing and sharing the bigger picture– and I mean bigger, like, helping you to feel the warmth of God’s love. I’m just saying: when you have kind, wise and humble life coach, you can really grown in your spiritual health. I’ve have been working with Kristen for several years and can attest to her humanness and her ability to reach and make a positive difference in my life. I can’t put into words how I feel after talking with her, it is like medicine for the spirit. 

Anne C.

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—On a Breath of Grace—