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Championing clinical excellence …
Advocating for a more customized and dignified humanistic care for patients and their families who are dealing with significant illnesses and advanced diseases, CrossBreeze supports education of all care providers which encourages treating and comforting patients with skilled proficiency in current medical procedure. 


Research in Wellness & Supportive Care… 
Through the sponsorship of scientific research to study and implement a more personalized and all-encompassing medical care to patients dealing with advanced illnesses, CrossBreeze advocates for a compassionate and blanket approach, wrapping the needs of spiritual, psychological, social and physical domains in one.

Grants & Interns

Hold a Hand, Touch a Heart… CrossBreeze encourages programs dedicated to high quality research and education in the health care field. By providing supportive funds for related grants & internships, we assist medical care givers, specializing in hospice & palliative medicine, in having the tools to provide Optimal Health and Wellness to the patients and families they serve.

Hold A Hand

—Touch a Heart—

By means of raising funds for continued research and education in the health care field, it is our goal to assist medical care givers in having the tools to provide Optimal Health and Wellness for All.

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