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Fly away from daily stresses while coloring and journaling, taking inspiration from the natural beauty of butterflies showcased in this beautiful new coloring book-journal.

Meditations on Butterflies: A Coloring and Hand-Lettering Activity Journal & Butterfly Gift Book

Meditations on Butterflies features 26 stunning North American butterfly species, from A to Z, for coloring book fans to color and complete. Readers will learn their beautiful winged markings, practice simple calligraphy, and enjoy inspiring nature quotes.

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Discover unique butterfly related gifts which are created for CrossBreeze Charities.

The Postcards from the Wing line features beautiful vintage style Butterfly Art made into postcards and garden seed packets…  find more Butterfly Art taking flight in orignal Music & Paintings …  explore Butterfly Quotes, Photography and more 

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Dreaming Bud Awaken to Love

Our Shoppe features Original Artwork in the forms of Writing, Painting, Music and Photography created and produced by Kristen D’Angelo exclusively for CrossBreeze Charites

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