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Butterfly Dream Lullaby Keepsake Book


BUTTERFLY DREAM Lullaby Keepsake Book
by GraceWing is truly a treasure!

Butterfly flutters tickle the drowsy heart, awakening imagination, curiosity, wonder & dreams. Where you will fly once touched by a butterfly’s wing?

What might it be like to ride on the wings of a butterfly through magical lands …

Come away on a Lullaby Adventure in search of the most Beautiful Magic. Ride along as the story unfolds, soaring upon Wing through a Butterfly’s Dream. Journey to Rainbows End, Oceans of Wonder, Enchanted Forests, Lands of Crown, Woods of Green and even Fairyland. Discover that the most Beautiful Magic is found only in one’s own loving Heart.


Written by Kristen D’Angelo
Illustrated by James Browne
Book Layout by David Hoffrichter
Printed by GraceWing PressKristen’s beautifully composed lullabies and James’ captivating illustrations are sure to inspire readers and singers of all ages. This lovely picture book is filled with beautiful poems, illustrations and a timeless message of love.Pub. date: August, 2018 ISBN
32 pages, 10 original watercolor illustrations
Size: 8.5 x 11
1st Edition






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The 9 lovely songs on the accompaning children’s CD play out in order and tell the story of a child’s sweet Butterfly Adventure as she flies on the back of a butterfly to discover the most “Beautiful Magic”. The listener travels along as the story unfolds, soaring through song to Rainbow’s End, Ocean’s of Wonder, Enchanted Forests, Lands of Crown, Woods of Green and even Fairyland (track Dance on the Wind). In the end, all discover that the most Beautiful Magic (track 8) is one’s own loving heart.

The original songs on this lovey Butterfly Lullaby Adventure are beautifully arranged and played in acoustic guitar by Grammy Award Winner, Eric Tingstad. Included on the disc is a beautiful instrumental piece called “Butterfly Dream” (track 9).

It is a wonderful keep sake gift for any child, sure to be enjoyed and treasured by both parents and children alike.

Also available for immediate download via Amazon, iTunes, Pandora, Spotify & other fine music distributors. Listen to & Watch a Butterfly Dream Music Video





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