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Woodland Waltz Print



Print from Original Artwork “Woodland Waltz”
Butterflies, Unicorn & Maiden
by artist Kristen D’Angelo

Matte Prints also available in 8×10, 13 x19 by request
Canvas Prints various sizes available by request
Individual Greeting Cards available by request
Please contact shop owner for special orders




image description

Note from the artist: The product preview photo pictured which hints of a tree branch turned Unicorn was a real life inspiration I discovered on a walk near a beautiful forest stream… I don’t know if the wooded Unicorn bust was carved by man’s hand or nature’s, but I prefer to believe the latter 😉 … no matter which, it was a part of the inspiration for my painting Woodland Waltz so I wanted to share the image.

Re: Woodland Tree Unicorn Bust Product Photo (the photo image is for reference only and will not included in purchase unless special arrangements are made … thank you)


Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 12 × 1 cm