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Just living is not enough… one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower. ~Hans Christian Andersen.

You might have never thought of a flower as a weapon, but it most certainly is when it comes to fighting for one’s well-being. Just as you might tend a garden, it is essential to care for and maintain a healthy balance in your and/or your families lives.

Balancing the different components of your well being is more than just practicing positive emotional or physical habits, it is also about harmonizing your psychological, social and spiritual self. Plan and make time for activities which foster wellness and balance these components in your daily life.

Activities such as gardening, nature walks, game nights, reading, creating in the arts, cooking, listening to/playing music, visiting museums/parks or participating in a physical activity all help to maintain a healthy balance.

Making space for alone time is important too, but also be sure to put aside time to be present and spend quality moments with those you love.

CrossBreeze Charities promotes health & wellness in our Communities through the Building of Butterfly Gardens.

Psychological Wellness is the life area that involves your internal landscape and your personal thoughts or feelings. Coping well with stressors, feeling balanced mentally and working toward our goals or dreams are all part of our psychological wellnessWhen you shop CrossBreeze, you help to raise funds for the Building of Butterfly Gardens, support continued research & education to improve health care in the fields of hospice & palliative and provide counseling services. Visit our Donation Page to help us soar… thank you. ~CBC

Social Wellness is about fostering intimacy and maintaining healthy relationships which are balanced in giving and taking, nurture and love. Acts of caring, engaging with positive groups and developing extended friendships heightens your well-being and sense of happiness. Connecting with the natural environment elevates your being and is a very important component of wellness.

Physical Wellness  Physical Wellness means living a lifestyle based on habits that support a healthy body. Exercise and eating healthy are part of the Physical Wellness equation and so are ensuring adequate rest and hygiene.

Spiritual Wellness  Spiritual Wellness is how we seek meaning and purpose in life, see our connection with the world, and a relationship with a higher power. An essential part of wellness is to keep on the path of your own individual spiritual journey. Exploring our true purpose and calling in life helps us to grow in our choosen beliefs and values, and also, keeps our life choices in alignment with them.

When you shop CrossBreeze, you help to raise funds for the Building of Butterfly Gardens, support life coaching services and continued research & education to improve health care in the field of wellness care, including hospice & palliative. Visit our Donation Pageto help us soar… thank you. ~CBC
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